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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last revised on October 10, 2014.

I’ll keep it simple.

  1. I collect your name and email address if you choose to subscribe to my newsletter. This is done for the purposes of sending you updates and content from this blog.
  2. I collect information from your browser and ISP such as your IP address for the purpose of targeting my content, and alerting newsletter subscribers if I will be speaking or preaching in their area.
  3. I DO NOT disclose any information you provide to me to anyone for any reason. I do take regular backups of my email list, and while this backup is stored with an online storage service the file is encrypted and protected by a random password of between 32 and 90 characters.
  4. I run my own stats/analytics software and do not trust your data to Google or any other third-party analytics service. This ensures that I can protect your privacy and get only the information I need to run this and the other sites I administer.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact me.


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